Muncie FR66 PTO

Muncie FR66 PTODescription:
Today’s diesel engines don’t make it easy for the installation of clutch pumps and mounting kits!
Solution: Muncie’s FR66 PTO Series Power Take-Off
The 2011 Ford Super Duty, equipped with an 6R140 Automatic Transmission and the Muncie FR66 Series PTO can transmit live power to your hydraulic system.

The FR66 can deliver up to 200 lb. ft. of torque for stationary applications and mobile applications are possible with up to 120 lb. ft. of torque. Say goodbye to low power ratings, replacement belts, and difficult clutch pump installations.

Muncie’s FR66 Series PTO provides maximum torque capacity with a surprisingly simple installation. Muncie Power carries the widest range of auxiliary power for the Ford. If the Torqshift automatic is your choice, only the FR series PTO can provide up to 190 Ft-Lbs of output torque.

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Key Features / Benefits:

  • Solenoid activated clutch shift: Positive, no “gear clash” engagement
  • Helical gearing throughout (FA): Quiet operation
  • Pre-configured wiring harness: Easy, plug-in installation
  • Remote and direct mount models: Versatile pump mounting
  • One year warranty: Quality assurance

Common Applications:

  • Cranes

  • Dump Trucks

  • Wreckers

  • Snow Plows

  • Aerial Bucket Trucks

  • Lift Gate

  • Hydraulic Tools

  • Bale Spikes

  • Tilt Back Car Carriers

Muncie FR66 ProchureMuncie FR66 Series PTO Brochure

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Muncie FR66 Series Parts BreakdownMuncie FR66 Series PTO Parts Breakdown

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Muncie FR66 Service ManualMuncie FR66 Series Owner’s Manual

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Muncie FR66 Installation ManualMuncie FR66 Series PTO Installation Manual

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Muncie CS41 PTO Series
Housing Construction Ductile Iron
Pump Flows @ 1200RPM 2.4 – 13.3 GPM
Standard Output Shaft 1 – 1/4″ diameter
PTO Output Shaft (direct mount) 3/4″ – 11 Spline
Rotatable Pump Flange Standard
Approximate Weight 28 lbs. (12.7 Kg.)
Max Torque
Intermittent 200 lbs.ft. (271 Nm)
Continuous  140 lbs.ft. (190 Nm)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
Intermittent 39 HP (29 kW)
Continuous 22 HP (16 kW)
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