Muncie SG PTO Series

Muncie SG PTODescription:
The SG Series single speed, single gear PTO has the most basic design and fewest component parts of any Muncie PTO.

The very first Power Take-Offs were single gear units. The SG is perfectly suited for light to medium duty applications like small dump trucks and farm hoists. Output shaft of a single gear PTO is close to the transmission, so direct mount pump flanges are not available.

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Key Features / Benefits:

  • Light Weight & Quite OPeration
  • Compact Housing with Easy Installation
  • Simple Design allows for easy, inexpensive service

Common Applications:

  • Single/Tandem Axle Dump Trucks

  • Farm Hoists

  • Light Duty Wreckers

  • Tilt-Back Car Carriers

Muncie SG BrochureMuncie SG Parts Breakdown

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Muncie SG Service ManualMuncie SG PTO Service Manual

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Muncie SG Installation ManualMuncie SG Series Installation Manual

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Muncie SG Series Dimensions

Muncie SG series dimensions

Muncie SG Series Specifications
Housing Construction Aluminum
Speed Ratios 1
Output Shaft Options 7/8″ Rd.
Gear Pitches Offered 21
Shift Types Cable Only
Assembly Arrangements 2
Approximate Weight 7 lbs. (3.2 Kg.)
Max Torque
Intermittent 130 lbs.ft. (176 Nm)
Continuous 91 lbs.ft. (123 Nm)
MAX HP (@ 1,000 RPM)
Intermittent 25 HP (19 kW)
Continuous 17 HP (12.7 kW)
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